Money Queen

It's time to step into your wealthy queen era 💵 👑 

This is my most transformational Wealth Expansion Portal mini offer yet! 

A 5-part mini audio series and abundance upgrade course designed to energetically tap you into wealth, reset your relationship with money, and help you manifest easy and effortless cash flow. 

What you'll get:

  • 5 podcast style audio episodes filled with wealth expansion codes 
  • A powerful hypnosis to rewrite your money story on a deep subconscious level 

$27.00 USD

By completing this purchase I agree that due to the nature of digital products, there is a no refund policy. 

I also agree that this course is Kenzi Rose's soul and Intellectual Property, therefore I cannot repurpose, duplicate, copy or sell this course in any way without Kenzi Rose's written permission.